MAGIC ELIXIRS™ Marinated Red Onion Bowl


Each bowl is crafted specifically for nocrumbsleft™ and is created perfectly for my Marinated Red Onions MAGIC ELIXIRS™ and is designed with an easy pour lip. Each bowl is handmade and handcrafted, and glazed-to-order in six brand-new, custom-mixed glazes on a white stoneware clay. These bowls are durable, better than ever, and completely magical! Prior to purchase, be sure to read all product details below to properly understand our expectations for this handmade product.


Holds: around 1-1/14 liquid cups
3 to 3-1/8 inches
Diameter: 5-1/4 to 5-1/2 inches (shortest) & around 6 inches from handle to spout (widest)

*Please note: size and shape of this product varies


We are so excited to be using a new clay type for this limited edition collection. All pieces are made of hand-thrown white stoneware clay. Sourced domestically and sustainably, this clay has an off-white appearance and is used specifically for the purpose of highest temperature firing. High-temp firing enables a chemical reaction called quartz inversion to occur;  where the particles in the glaze fuses with the stone into an almost glass-like compound. Quartz inversion allows for a sturdier piece, as well as highly custom chemical reactions within the glaze. 

We developed four, brand-new and highly custom glazes for our onion bowl's re-release, each named and developed by Teri herself. Each glaze is hand mixed and every bowl is hand-dipped three times to achieve a multi-layered, three-dimensional look. Sometimes you can even see where exactly the bowl was held went dipped! When fired in the kiln, these glazes undergo alchemical magic and every piece will come out looking completely unique. Please thoroughly review product pictures to understand how these glazes differ by batch. Chicago Ice & Santorini are especially moody and shades will vary depending on the batch.  Glazes fired under high temperature will always have varying results every time, so it is not unusual to see shade variances of glaze that exist on a spectrum. If you loved our Drippy Collection (specifically our Moondust glaze), you will love the different shades of Santorini, Chicago Ice, Midnight, Lavender, and Deep Sea!


Each piece of nocrumbsleft pottery is handmade and hand-glazed. Shapes, textures and glazes will vary across products. If you have one of our original onion bowls, please note you will see slight variances in structural appearance with this exclusive collection. It is completely normal to see texture in the glazes and it is completely food-safe and structurally sound. We hope you enjoy the beauty, natural striations and perfect imperfections of our one-of-a-kind pottery as much as we do. However, please note, we will not be offering returns, refunds, or replacements for products on any sort of aesthetic or structural appearance basis contested, if they are evaluated by us to be in alignment within our expectations for this product. You can learn more about our Return Policies here. 


We are so excited to announce that all bowls are glazed-to-order! However, because we have a much smaller production team, please expect an approximate 14 day processing period until your order begins to track with the shipping carrier. We are thrilled to offer you shorter shipping times than ever before and will continue to optimize shipping timelines as our commitment to improving your customer experience. As part of the nocrumbsleft value system, all orders are packaged in recyclable or compostable paper materials (with the exception of the packing tape and shipping label). 

For non-Canadian International customers, please email to place an order. At this time, we are unable to process international transactions directly through the site and apologize for any inconvenience.

For any questions or to contact us directly, please visit our FAQ Page.


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