To say that I love the pottery and this pottery business is an understatement. So, as the products evolved, I naturally named them after the people I love.


The Patty Bowl is named after my mother, who has been gone 20 years. Celebrating and remembering her and bringing her forward into my everyday life is the cornerstone of who I am as a person. Naming this bowl after my mother honors her: just like my mother, it’s soft, round, and something you want to enjoy every day. Patty Bowls are perfect for cereal and soup.


Next came the Fred Bowl, named after my father, who was an operations guy. Having a small operation bowl in the kitchen for mise en place was the perfect addition. Like my dad, the Fred Bowl is sturdy, practical, and a workhorse. If you’re an everyday cook, a set of these bowls in your kitchen is perfection.


The Rainbow Collection was inspired by and developed for my darling Lucy. It's a bowl that brings a smile to my face and shines bright in the collection.


I wanted something perfect for a vegetable side dish like asparagus or green beans and naming this creation the Patrick Bowl after my vegan son made all the sense in the world.