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Drippy Collection: Set of 3 Tiny Prep Bowls

Drippy Collection: Set of 3 Tiny Prep Bowls

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The "Drippy Collection" is named after the beautiful and natural drips that occur in the glazing process of these products. This combination of clay and glaze creates variations in the glaze, such as its beautiful freckles, that make each handmade product in this collection even more unique and wonderful.

Each set comes with THREE of the tiny prep bowls in the same color.

These nocrumbsleft™ tiny prep bowls include a similar aesthetic to our traditional Marinated Onion Bowls.

We are excited to introduce a set of three malachite prep bowls from the stunning Malachite Collection! Keep an eye out for more products coming soon to this amazing collection.

Height: 3/4 inch

Diameter: 3 inches

*Shipment can take up to approximately four weeks*