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Fred Bowl Malachite
Fred Bowl Malachite

Fred Bowl Malachite

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Please note: the Malachite Fred Bowl is NOT pictured here.

Piece by piece, every selection in the nocrumbsleft™ pottery line is handmade. That’s what makes it so unique. Because of the dark brown clay, each of our signature glazes allows the natural beauty to show through, not to mention the textures and marks from the maker’s hands.  The fingerprints, glaze drips and variations on each piece are part of what makes our signature look and what we absolutely adore about handmade pottery.  Just like our own family of wonderfully unique people, our potter creates pots with one of a kind beauty.  If you’re like us and celebrate those unique characteristics you’ll love it! If you like things to match exactly, this may not be your thing, or maybe it’s your new favorite accent piece to add a little pizazz to your matching tableware... I like to think of it as Kitchen jewelry.

Height: 2 inches

Diameter: 5-3/4 to 6 inches

*Delivery can take up to 2 weeks*