MAGIC ELIXIRS™ Marinated Red Onion Bowl



This is the original nocrumbsleft MAGIC ELIXIRS™ Marinated Red Onion Bowl that started it all!

Each bowl is crafted specifically for nocrumbsleft™ and is created perfectly for my Marinated Red Onions MAGIC ELIXIRS™ and is designed with an easy pour lip. Each bowl is handmade and handcrafted, one-by-one, by an artist in the Midwest and the process is 10 days from start to finish. 


Height: 3 to 3-1/8 inches
Diameter: 5-1/4 to 5-1/2 inches


Get the recipe on the blog: HERE 


Our glazes are unique and take to each piece in a beautiful way. The photos offer an example of the glaze, but you may see slight variations in your product that only make it that much more special.

Many of our glazes produce beautiful and natural drips that occur in the glazing process of these products. This combination of clay and glaze creates variations in the glaze, such as its beautiful freckles, that make each handmade product in this collection even more unique and wonderful. These glazes include: Pearl, Robyn's Egg Blue, Pearl, Pearl Tie Dye, Pearl Rainbow, Jade, Ruby, and Daffodil.

As a result of production method changes, the Ruby glaze is considered premium and is reflected in its cost. 


Each piece of nocrumbsleft pottery is handmade and hand-glazed by our talented potters. Shapes, texture and glaze will vary across products. If you ordered something several months ago, it might not be an exact match. We hope you enjoy the beauty, natural striations and perfect imperfections of our one-of-a-kind pottery as much as we do.


Your shipment may take up to approximately 3-4 weeks to ship based on the handmade nature of our products.

*Please note, this 2021 holiday season, we are anticipating possible national and global shipping and supply constraints that may affect your shipping timeline. 


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