The Moondust glaze is by far, one of our most popular glazes and for good reason - it's extremely unique! This glaze formula is a delicate balance of alchemy, mineral sourcing, and experienced hand-mixing with every glaze batch we make. With this in mind, the chemical minerals react slightly different in the kiln every single time and it's just not possible to control exact glaze matching results over a long period of time. Your Moondust glaze may appear moodier or lighter depending on all these variables and that's completely normal. You'll also see drip-like movements within the glaze that are similar to the effects in our drippy glazes. It's cosmic magic and partly why we named it Moondust!

We love how each piece becomes it's own, one-of-a-kind treasure, but if exact glaze matching is important to you, we recommend you go with another glaze or order this glaze in as many pieces as you can at one time. We cannot guarantee that your older pieces will be exact matches as your new ones and do not accept glaze matching requests or offer refunds for glaze variances. 

If you'd like to learn more about each individual product, you can shop by product using the navigation menu above. Moondust is our most popular glaze for a reason - it's simply magical!


Our glazes are unique and take to each piece in a beautiful way. The photos offer an example of the glaze, but you may see slight variations in your product that only make it that much more special.

Moondust glazes vary in tone based on the batch of glaze being used. Moondust glazes are a delicate lesson in alchemy and we although we love the variances in the glaze, but be advised your Moondust pieces may potentially show considerable variance order to order. 


Each piece of nocrumbsleft pottery is handmade and hand-glazed by our talented potters. Shapes, texture and glaze will vary across products. If you ordered something several months ago, it might not be an exact match. We hope you enjoy the beauty, natural striations and perfect imperfections of our one-of-a-kind pottery as much as we do. 


Your shipment may take up to approximately 3-4 weeks to ship based on the handmade nature of our products. 

*Please note, this 2022, we are anticipating possible national and global shipping and supply constraints that may affect your shipping timeline.


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