I’m a bestselling cookbook author, mother, blogger, Instagram content creator, and podcaster, but most of all, I’m a passionate home cook who is all about family, those both here and departed. As an old school cook who doesn’t own a microwave, the oven is my favorite cooking tool, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m passionate about getting people into the kitchen to cook real food. I love the beauty and practicality of what I call “kitchen jewelry” and celebrate the idea of simple pleasures. For me, that’s exactly what this pottery collection is about.

I absolutely love pottery, and I always have. All my life, I’ve used, loved, and collected beautiful kitchen items, whether from my grandmother’s closet, the secondhand store, or the farmers market. The truth is, using a beautiful bowl in the kitchen makes your life better, and I believe it certainly makes your food taste better too. These beautiful bowls are tactile and useful, rich and soothing to hold, and they make magic in your kitchen. They quite simply fill my life with joy and give me something to look forward to.

We continue to add products, based on what I need in the kitchen: beautiful platters, bowls, pitchers, and mugs, for every occasion. We’ve added them one-by-one over the last few years. I find joy in the kitchen, and this beautiful pottery is an extension of that joy. Having celebrated and loved pottery my entire life, creating a unique collection with exactly what I wanted in my own kitchen was a natural extension of that joy.

We private label everything, and I love collaborating with wonderful local artisans who make items in small batches, because at any point we can pivot and head in another direction or transition a product to be just right, so along the way we have had many iterations of our pottery.



I love the idea that each of us can bring magic into the world, and in that spirit, we have incorporated good luck symbols into many of the products. We’ve included a horseshoe, a wishbone, a shamrock, the eye of wisdom, and even my own personal good luck symbols: the rooster for my mother and the number 48 for me. They are engraved onto the bottom of the bowls and chosen randomly for each purchaser. It simply makes me happy to send a little bit of magic out into the world.