What's the difference between the Limited Edition onion bowl & the old version? 

We’re now working with a new studio to collaborate on a new iteration of our pottery and there are indeed some obvious production differences we'd be happy to share more about.

We've since stopped working on black and tan clays and instead are now using a white stoneware and frankly, we're loving it. Not only is it a great base for glazing, but it’s much easier to source domestically and handles beautifully on the wheel. There have been slight variations to the structure, as we wanted our limited edition Onion Bowl to return to the original Onion Bowl design that has a more compact shape with thicker, stronger walls. You’ll also notice the bowl has a much more stable base and that the soft white stoneware clay has a much smoother texture on the unfinished bottom, which is far safer for your counter tops and dinning tables. Fun fact, we actually use the same amount of clay that we always have. It’s compelling to think about how slight architectural changes in the wheel throwing technique and materials can evolve the same amount of clay in a really powerful way. 

Glazing pottery is such a unique skill because it’s as much a magical artistry as it is a technical science. An exciting fun fact to share is that all our glazes are made up of the exact same mineral compounds, but that each color is the result of a unique formula and differing application techniques and firing temperatures. In addition, our potter dips every bowl by hand at least three separate times because it allows for a thicker coating and more control on how the layers between glaze dips will even out and melt together in to the kiln. While it does take more time and sweat to glaze our pieces than ever before, we think the outcome is totally worth it. 

Another production difference, and perhaps our favorite, is the way we now fire pieces. We now fire pieces at the highest possible temperatures a kiln can handle and often multiple times over. Firing at high temperatures allows for a process called quartz inversion to occur. This is when the mineral constituents of the glaze melt and fuse into the stoneware, resulting in a surface area that is molecularly closer to glass, which also makes for a much stronger structure. There’s basically a miniature volcanic irruption happening inside your bowl in the kiln so you will absolutely notice texture, striations, and variances in the glaze grain. Quartz inversion is a crucial part of how we get the dynamic and three-dimensional, water-color-like features of these new glazes.

What makes this pottery better than something I could for find at a cheaper price point?

Here at nocrumbsleft, we really appreciate the artistry of handmade ceramics. Our bowls are more than just a kitchen tool as there is so much technical skill and intuitive creativity that goes into every single piece. From our mostly sustainable packaging, or the ethical sourcing of clay harvested straight from the region it will be worked with, to the small indie artist that spends so many hours to produce just one bowl. These are just a handful of reasons why these pieces are so special and worth the investment. 

No one piece is the same and it’s obvious that every piece is soul-filled and its own work of art. The level of craftsmanship and artistry is just not something you will ever find in the mass-manufactured big box stores.


I want to purchase your Drippy Collection pottery, but everything is sold out. When will you be in stock?

At the moment, we are no longer actively producing any of our past pottery collections. We had a wonderful journey with the Drippy and Ombre Collections, but all good things must come to an end. Fear not! Presently, we're working with new pottery studios on iterations of old classics. We are beyond thrilled to dig into this new evolution of the nocrumbsleft pottery story. It will be a completely new experience for us and for you and we couldn't be more excited about it. Make sure you're subscribed to our mailing list to ensure you're getting the most up-to-date information about future pottery collaborations and releases!

How do I care for my nocrumbsleft products? 

We have a whole page devoted to handling and care, which you can find here

How do I make sure I order the right size? 

Each item’s description contains the dimensions of the item to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for. Remember: this is hand-made pottery and dimensions of a product may vary slightly. It is not uncommon to notice changes across the same piece and therefore, we will not offer refunds or replacements for pieces with varying dimensions.

These new glazes are different than what I'm used to. Can I order glazes to be more solid/opaque?

These glazes are new and different and we love them. Let's talk more about why they're so great and why we can't glaze them like a commercially manufactured piece you'd find at a big box store. We work with a small studio that specializes in glazing and hand-mixes every single batch of glaze. They spent hours of time developing glazes with Teri and every glaze formula is a delicate balance of alchemy, mineral sourcing, and experienced hand-mixing. With this in mind, the chemical minerals react slightly different in the kiln every single time and it's just not possible to control exact glaze matching results over a long period of time. We fire our pieces at the highest possible temperatures, which fuses the clay with the glaze and as particles in the glaze melt, together they form an incredibly strong structure and an incredible, moody appearance. Our studio also hand dips every single piece multiple times to ensure a multi-dimensional effect. Your piece's glaze may appear more vibrant or swirly depending on all these variables and that's completely normal. You'll also see drip-like movements, pin pricks, and texture within the glaze that are similar to the effects in our drippy glazes. It's cosmic magic and we absolutely adore it.

We love how each piece becomes it's own, one-of-a-kind treasure, but if exact glaze matching is important to you, this may not be the pottery for you. We cannot guarantee that multiple pieces purchased will be exact matches and do not accept glaze matching requests or offer refunds/exchanges/replacements for glaze variances contested. Below are some visual representations of our glazes and how they can vary across batch.


      What is a Seconds Sale and what makes a pottery piece "Grade B" or available at a discounted price?

      Multiple times a year, we release what we call Seconds to the site at a discounted price. These pieces are considered imperfect for one reason or another and did not pass our Quality Control standards at the time of production. You will notice variations in shape, size, texture, and even glazing imperfections. All pieces are still completely safe and functional and would be a wonderful addition to your pottery collection. Sometimes the most beautiful and unique pieces are the ones that came out of the kiln with unexpected imperfections. All Seconds Sale items are final sale and not eligible for returns, replacements, or refunds. 

      What do the stamps on the bottom of the pottery mean and why do they vary piece-to-piece?

      Teri loves the idea that each of us can bring magic into the world, and in that spirit, we have incorporated good luck symbols into many of the products. We’ve included a horseshoe, a wishbone, a shamrock, the eye of wisdom, and even Teri's own personal good luck symbols: the rooster for her mother and the number 48 for herself. They are engraved onto the bottom of the bowls and chosen randomly for each purchaser. It simply makes Teri happy to send a little bit of magic out into the world. Each piece you order may have all, some, or one of these stamps and we cannot control which symbols are imprinted on your unique pieces. We will not offer refunds or replacements based on your stamp preferences.


      What are the shipping options? 

      We ship with UPS and USPS. For shipments within the US, our system uses UPS (excluding P.O. Box addresses). 

      Why don't you ship outside of the US?

      We do! If you are outside of the US, we ask you email shop@nocrumbsleft.net to place your order. Presently, we are not able to offer non-Canadian international customers the ability to purchase directly through our customer-facing shop. We will calculate and create an invoice for you to complete your purchase and you will have the option of which shipping service you'd prefer. Please note: we do not assume the cost of any fees or customer duty taxes related to your import of these pieces. 

      When will I receive my order? 

      As a small-batch, handmade pottery business, our products take time, love and care to create. Typically, orders can take approximately 9-14 days to ship from the date of purchase. Please note: this timeframe is subject to change. We are so proud to be able to give you shorter wait times than prior sales and will continue to scale our production team to optimize the shipping/processing experience. 

      What are the shipping rates? 

      Our shipping rates vary from $8-20 in the U.S. Because of the fragility of the items, we ship many items in separate boxes with special packaging materials to ensure your product arrives safely. In these times, shipping carrier costs are inflated and at an all time high, which puts a lot of strain on a small business like us. We know shipping costs can be a considerable expense to our customers, so rest assured that we offer you the most affordable rate possible. 

      What do I do in the rare occasion that my order arrives broken, damaged, or I receive the incorrect product? 

      Visit our Shop Policy Page for more information.

      What is the return policy? 

      Visit our Shop Policy Page for more information.

      What do I do if I never received my order? 

      After three weeks, if you have not yet received your order, you can reach out to shop@nocrumbsleft.net.

      How do I make changes to an order I’ve already placed? 

      Please reach out to shop@nocrumbsleft.net to make shipping changes to an order, but please note, we are unable to make changes to any orders if the order has already begun to track with the shipping carrier. If so, we will direct you to contact the carrier immediately for further assistance. As all items sold in limited, ready-to-ship quantities, we cannot guarantee changes can be made to the unique products purchased in any capacity.  

      How do I contact your company if my question isn’t answered here? 

      You can reach out to shop@nocrumbsleft.net with any and all questions or concerns! 

      I missed a sale or discount! Can I apply to a previous order?

      Unfortunately, we cannot retroactively apply discounts.