All pieces are made of hand-thrown white stoneware clay. Sourced domestically and sustainably, this clay has an off-white appearance and is used specifically for the purpose of highest temperature firing. High-temp firing enables a chemical reaction called quartz inversion to occur;  where the particles in the glaze fuses with the stone into an almost glass-like compound. Quartz inversion allows for a sturdier piece, as well as highly custom chemical reactions within the glaze. 

We developed a core set of brand-new and highly custom glazes for this limited edition collection, each named and developed by Teri herself. Each glaze is hand mixed and every bowl is hand-dipped, three times to achieve a multi-layered, three-dimensional look. When fired in the kiln, these glazes undergo alchemical magic and every piece will come out looking completely unique. Please thoroughly review product pictures to understand how these glazes differ piece-to-piece. Chicago Ice is especially moody and could look very light grey or dark greyish brown depending on the batch.  If you loved our Drippy Collection and our Moondust glaze - you will love the Chicago Ice, Midnight, Lavender, and Deep Sea glazes!


Each piece of nocrumbsleft pottery is handmade and hand-glazed. Shapes, textures and glazes will vary across products. If you have one of our original onion bowls, please note you will see slight variances in structural appearance with this exclusive collection. It is completely normal to see texture in the glazes and it is completely food-safe and structurally sound. We hope you enjoy the beauty, natural striations and perfect imperfections of our one-of-a-kind pottery as much as we do. However, please note, we will not be offering returns, refunds, or replacements for products on any sort of aesthetic or structural appearance basis contested, if they are evaluated by us to be in alignment within our expectations for this product. You can learn more about our Return Policies here.